Karla Hilliard

Karla Hilliard is a mother, wife, educator, and advocate living and working in West Virginia. She is the Co-Director of the West Virginia Council of Teachers of English and Co-Founder of More Than Addiction.

She believes stories have the power to change lives. This project is in honor of the life of her younger brother Bradley Atkins.


Kate Farmer

Kate Farmer is a successful hairstylist residing in Hurricane, West Virginia.

She is the partner, sister, and friend of many loved ones who are much greater than their addictions. After losing her partner to a drug overdose in December 2018, she co-founded More Than Addiction to honor his life. She aspires to shed light and share love through her experiences with addiction.   


Shanna McClure

Shanna McClure resides and works in Putnam County, West Virginia. After losing her big brother figure to addiction in 2015, she decided to turn her pain into something positive.

Shanna is a volunteer and an advocate for the recovery community and families of substance abusers. She is a firm believer that it takes entire families and communities united together to make a difference. She hopes by sharing her story she can inspire hope and prevent anyone else from experiencing the loneliness and pain that stems from addiction.