"My passion is to uplift and empower women..." - Ashley

My passion is to uplift and empower women, and help them be more confident. Watching women come from horrible pasts and making an amazing bright future brings me fulfillment.

When I look in the mirror I see a strong, beautiful, talented, leader, warrior, mother, wife, and child of God.

I love helping people and watching them grow into leaders themselves. It sometimes gets hard but I keep going. I found Younique, and it has been my outlet away from recovery. When I do makeup, I am seen for the makeup girl and not the girl that struggled with addiction for 17 years. I can totally just be me and do what I love doing.

My story started at a young age. 

I took my first drink at 11, and then was smoking pot, crack, and soon found my love meth. I was a functioning addict for a couple of years but stayed home with my 2 babies. I was in an abusive relationship and left the children’s father. It wasn’t long and I had a needle in my arm. 

Not long after shooting up, I was unable to care for my kids and they went to live with my parents. Once my kids were gone I spiraled out of control. Caught my 1st meth lab charge. This went on for years. 

I was arrested 16 times, on home confinement, and manipulated the system the whole time all while shooting dope in my grandma’s bathroom. I was put in drug court and was kicked out for fighting in the middle of a class. I was put on probation a handful of times but never successfully completed. I always ended up doing my jail time. 

The last time I went to jail for stealing a very expensive camper. I got caught went to jail, and decided in jail that I wanted to change my life. I was going to get a job at Tudors, but got out and went straight to the dope man’s house. 

I was out there for about 4 days and broke down, and reached out to someone in recovery. She got me a detox bed, and from there I went to 28 days at Pinecrest, then went to Life House for 11 months. That was the game changer for me. I started to work on myself, hold down a job, and mend broken relationships. I never thought I could be a mother again or have a job to support us. 

Today I have one of my sons back full time, I’m a wife, I lead 23 women at The Ark,, and I am a pink status Younique Presenter, and I will have 4 years clean 3/29/19. 

I am so much more than addiction.