"My passion is to shine a light to those that are surrounded by darkness." - Misty

"My passion is to shine a light to those that are surrounded by darkness. 

Something very magical happens when someone is in the depths of dispair and then all of the sudden you see a twinkle of hope light in their eyes. That’s what this is about, seeing people come back to life and transform into the most beautiful version of themselves. It’s a phenomenal sight to see and I am blessed to be a part of it. 

What do I want others to know about addiction: I can’t make someone understand what I can’t understand myself. What I do know is that there is no definite rhyme or reason to it and it does not discriminate. Turning your head will not “fix” the problem nor will ignoring it. People close their minds to what they don’t understand but real chance comes when we open our hearts and try to understand.

When I look back at my life, I see a lot of heartache, pain, destruction, broken pieces and horrible truths. When I look in the mirror I see strength, beauty, determination, and a grace that saved my life. 

I am a blood bought child of the living God. 

I am the mother of four beautiful children that dispite it all still love me and are glad I’m here. 

I am a grandmother of one amazing little boy and another one on the way (I guessed a girl...and I was right!). 

I am the wife of an amazing man that has walked this recovery journey right by my side and has loved me in all my forms instead not dispite them. 

I am a recovery coach to pregnant and postpartum women just like me that are finding a better way to live. 

I am a college graduate and a full time student. 

I am a woman and a warrior! 

I am free! I am more than addiction!"