"I get fulfillment by being my best self." - Tiffany

1- I get fulfillment by being my best self. Being the best wife, mother, EMT, and human I can be is what brings me happiness. I’ve seen the dark side of people in life throughout my childhood and with my job in EMS, so being able to prove that there is genuine people out there and being one of them is what makes me feel satisfied. 

2- The real me is someone who cares about the broken. I’ve seen the good and bad in life. The bad has made me so much more grateful and appreciative of the good. I think so many people go through life without feeling genuine happiness and that’s sad to me. I care about people on such a deep level and I feel everyone deserves to learn how to choose happiness. I love the outdoors, I love adventure, but I have also learn to love my solitude. It’s a balance. 

3- I am more than addiction because I know my heart. I like to believe that my heart is pure. I enjoy being a positive role model and making a positive impact despite my addiction. I know I remain mindful of other people. I do a lot of small things for people that stay between that person and I because I want to remain genuine. I want to know that my intentions are good. Addiction is a selfish disease but I as a person strive to be selfless. 

4- Addiction is a real thing. It affects millions of people, millions of good people. I know addiction is controversy due to all the negative things that come with it, I get it. The act of using drugs is not a disease but the obsession over wanting to get high is. It’s literally an obsession. So many people refuse to accept this for so many reasons. I just wish people would focus less on arguing about what addiction should be called and focus more on trying to contribute to a solution. I can guarantee most of the addicts people say are a waste has person that would beg to differ. They are people and someone loves them unconditionally. I know so many people in recovery doing great things. Recovery is possible. 

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