Hi, I'm Shanna...

Hello, my name is Shanna.

I am a makeup loving, coffee drinking, dog mom who is also an advocate for addiction recovery. My journey began when I was 16 and someone I looked up to and loved dearly started down wrong path.

As a kid, I didn’t think much of him selling marijuana and brushed it off. As we went through college though things progressed and he was selling harder drugs and using more. He acted happy and seemed to have things under control. However, things got worse and I hid most of his problems and lived a lie. I was ashamed, heartbroken, scared, hurt, mad, and confused over his actions.

I thought the world of him and didn’t want anyone thinking he was a junkie or thief so I did what I could to cover things up. He tried many times and various ways to get clean. There were some successes but they were short lived. I felt so alone and had no idea other people were going through same thing. I convinced myself I was going to save him. I failed to educate myself on how addiction and recovery truly works and never bothered to take care of myself.

Those choices cost me everything and in 2015 my world came crashing down when I got the call I had been expecting for years. I was not prepared for the aftermath. I blamed myself and was overwhelmed with guilt. I had failed him.

By the grace of God I found my way out of that black hole and fight today in his honor! I am involved in many support groups and recovery groups today and run a facebook page, You Are Not Alone. I have learned more about myself in past two years than I could have imagined and have grown tremendously!

I am a strong, compassionate, determined woman today that is on a mission! I hope to keep at least one person from making the same mistakes I made. I tried to do things on my own and I’m here to tell you that is absolutely worst thing to do!

Whether you are a loved one or in active addiction, reach out!! It’s ok to not know what to do or to not have the answer!! We fell into this epidemic as families and communities and we need to fight together as families and communities to overcome addiction and substance abuse. Recovery is real and it’s all around....we just need to open our eyes and hearts! #morethanaddiction