Hi, I'm Karla...

Hello, I’m Karla, co-founder of More Than Addiction. I am a wife, teacher, mother, daughter, and friend. I’m also a sister. My baby brother Bradley lost his life to an overdose on December 26, 2018, the day our family was to gather and celebrate Christmas. 

My wonderful and wild little brother was 11 years my junior, and it was always just the two of us. When he was a baby, I rocked him, fed him, and grew into my role as a big sister. And we had many years of normal sibling existence. We ganged up against our parents, had epic fights, played hours of video games, and shared a unique and irreplaceable bond. 

Bradley’s issues with addiction began at a young age. At a time when I was less available to him. Bradley’s addiction story began the way many do...as a young person who was experimenting and who made one wrong step, which led to another and another and another after that. But I was grown, moved away, married, and having kids of my own, and as his addiction grew, so did we—not apart, but in struggle. 

But it wasn’t all struggle. Bradley and I shared years of blessed adult friendship. We shared stories, meals, and evenings I’ll never forget. I will never forget his spirit, his sense of adventure, his enthusiasm for living. I will never forget what made him beautiful: his fierce authenticity, his willingness to Say Yes, his bright and brilliant smile. 

So I am here with an idea, a hope, a promise I’ve made to myself, to Kate, to my parents...to Bradley. My greatest hope is to share what makes a person who struggles with addiction fully human, what makes them more than their disease, more than a statistic, more than a person who can be so easily dismissed and reduced by our society, more than a story with all of the darkness but none of the light. 
Because my baby brother Bradley was so much more...so much more than addiction. He was to me, through the complexities of a much older sibling, the light. #morethanaddiction