"Every life matters and every addict can change and recover." -Melissa

My passion is to lead other addicts to a life of recovery. My fulfillment is to lead by example for other addicts who want to change their lives for the better.

The real me is a loving mother of three, a grandmother, wife, and a Christian woman who was saved by God's grace and now lives to serve Him.

I want others to understand that recovery is hard work but so worth it. My blessings have been many since getting clean and sober three years ago. Everything I lost in active addiction has been restored. 

I am more then addiction. 

I am someone's mother, daughter, wife, and friend. Every life matters and every addict can change and recover.

I work in recovery now and help lead others to recovery. I am a certified recovery coach and the Assistant Director of the Anchor Project program. This is the program that saved my life. I was in this long-term faith based program for sixteen months. The people who run the program have become my family. 

There is so much support and help in the community. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction please reach out for help! 

You can always contact me at 304-444-4219 I will help direct you to the right places for detox or a 28 day program or my program at the Anchor Project. 

You are #morethanaddiction.