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More Than Addiction was born out of the grief of losing loved ones to overdose. Our mission is to tell real stories of real people impacted by drug addiction. We seek to shine a light on all that makes a person whole, unique, and valuable beyond addiction.

The goal of More Than Addiction is to shift the damaging and oftentimes demoralizing rhetoric of addiction to a more humane, more complete narrative and spark compassion in our communities.

We firmly believe that “our stories are our resistance” and we are all #MoreThanAddiction.

Who we are: 

We are three women based in Berkeley and Putnam County, West Virginia who have each lost a person we love to addiction. Each of us feels called to fight addiction, fight intolerance and miseducation, and fight for those who are fighting for their lives or the lives of others. Read more about Karla, Kate, and Shanna here.

How you can help

Do you know a person who is MORE than addiction? Do you want to tell YOUR story?

We need stories...lots of them. 

But we do understand this comes with a risk. We know that it is not easy to publicly share our pain, and we acknowledge that this may not be something you feel comfortable doing. We do ask that you consider the ways you might contribute to the conversation about addiction and recovery, and how your voice might inspire or inform. The three of us deeply value your voice, your story, and the truth you can offer. 

If you’re interested in sharing your #morethanaddiction story, please contact us and we’ll be in touch soon.